Chicken and Leek ‘Pie’ with Crispy Potatoes


Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this dish, it is absolutely delicious and very satisfying without being cloyingly carbohydrate rich.  My family love it and they are quite fussy about what they eat.

I generally make this ‘pie’ as a means of using left-over roasted free-range chicken, but you can also make it with a couple of chicken breasts, sliced and cooked in the oil for a few minutes before adding the leek.  The quality of the chicken is important so use free-range or organic.

Serves 4 

Preparation time 10 minutes.  Cooking time 15 minutes

2 large potatoes, micro-waved or boiled until just tender
1 large leek
1 small cooked free range chicken
1 sheet fat reduced frozen puff pastry
2 tbs olive oil
3 tsp cornflour
100ml full cream milk
500ml chicken stock or water and stock cube


Tip:  Cook extra pastry squares as you are sure to get requests for more.