The local residents have trampled many of our fruit trees, the hares have had a go at eating the remainder and the raised beds still haven’t arrived … Also a Prosciutto and Rocket Pizza recipe to feed the hungry workers.

Early September 2008, back in Orange.  The grass is about 2 ft tall, the kangaroos have trampled some the orchard trees that I spent hours nurturing, and the hares have ring barked almost all of the remainder (probably the farm trees too but I won’t look, I’m depressed enough).  Still no raised beds.

We spend several days doing more hard labour – smoothing out the builders rubble, spreading gravel for a car parking area and bark over bare sections to of earth that will otherwise get covered with a weed aptly named Patersons Curse. I call the nursery and ask them to replace what’s been destroyed and put cages around the base of the fruit trees and all the larger farm trees.  Those blinking kangaroos.

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These two Grey Kangaroos are part of a mob of about thirty that like to sun themselves not twenty metres from our cottage in the early morning. When we’re not here, they become even bolder and “nibble” on and even knock over our precious fruit trees.




Whilst out shopping I find a new kitchen gadget (I rather like kitchen gadgets) an electric pizza oven. It’s not much bigger than one of those health grills, with electric elements in the base and lid that get very hot and a stone turntable that you place the pizza on.  It was invented by a woman!  How brilliant is that?

The physical work is making us very hungry so we indulge in a fresh, piping hot delicious Prosciutto and Rocket Pizza.

Well the beds finally arrive - the day before we are due to go back to Sydney.