Lots of rocks but no fencer, will we sow this time? Quick and easy Chicken and Leek ‘Pie’ and more…

Late September, back in Orange.  This blooming grass!  Oh well, it is getting a bit easier as we dig out the rocks – the ones that don’t go all the way to China that is. I use the ones  that I can lift  to build rock borders around some of the areas we barked and gravelled last time around.  It’s hot, exhausting work but a good way to keep fit.  I’m getting a tan on top of my tan and muscles on top my muscles, but the rock borders look absolutely beautiful.  Every cloud has a silver lining.

Rock bordersSeveral tons of organic soil and wood chip has been delivered. Still time to plant the summer veg - once we’ve transferred the soil into the beds, that is.  And spread weed mats over the grass and covered them with wood chip.  And built a fence to keep the hares out.  And put a watering system in   We’ve got a few days, we’ll get there.

The fencer I called doesn’t turn up.  He comes the following day, spends an hour chatting about all sorts of things (except the fence) and said he’ll call with a quote.

The evening before we go back to Sydney, the raised beds are assembled, the area around 4 of them has been covered in weed mats and mulched with wood chip, we have filled one bed, using a shovel and wheel barrow, and about a third filled the others so that they don’t blow away.

Getting ready

Phew.  The good thing about this hard work is that it gives me very healthy appetite and I can eat lots without putting on weight.  A tasty Chicken and Leek Pie sounds like just the job.



Beds are ready but there is no watering system.  Next time I will sow.